Silverware Project Realized!

A student team at RC worked very hard this spring to get durable metal silverware for their school lunches — to reduce waste, be more environmentally friendly and learn lifelong sustainable habits.

In November, RC did a lesson on plastic waste in the environment, and it was shocking. Everyone in the class wrote letters to important figures to try to make a difference. Five students wrote to the Beaverton School District Nutrition Services administrator to ask if they could change from single-use plastic utensils to durable metal silverware.

After multiple successful meetings with him, RC received permission to start a pilot project at Rachel Carson and William Walker Elementary (co-located in the Timberland building) that, if a success, would spread to more schools in the district this fall.

With this change, we could save 6,186 pounds of plastic silverware in a year from going in the landfill. The district now throws away 1.4 million plastic utensils each year.

Before that start of the pilot project, the district required the students to purchase a special type of magnetic trash can lid that catches silverware that might be accidentally thrown away. The student team put together a Go Fund Me page and worked with the Eco School Network for a waste fellowship grant to purchase a third lid. Through the Go Fund Me page, the students raises $1010 toward their $650 goal!

These students have been the change we wish to see.

Congratulations to this team of students and RC for leading the way!

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