School Supply List 2018-19

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Rachel Carson School Supply List



FOR INDIVIDUAL STUDENT USE/ALL STUDENTS NEED THESE : many of these can be reused from prior years! We expect that students have these items for use each day at school.

□ One 2.5 – 3 inch, sturdy three ring binder (file folder systems can be IN the binder, but will NOT be used)
□ Pencil pouch that clicks into your binder
◻ One set of dividers (3 core classes + I.S., elective, and PE/Health tabs)
◻ Pencils – many: please plan to purchase more as the year progresses
◻ Blue or black ink pens
◻ Whiteboard markers
◻ Glue sticks
◻ Earbuds – that will work in a chromebook
◻ Colored pencils
◻ Calculator (scientific not graphing)
◻ Lined paper (wide or college ruled)
◻ Scissors
◻ Highlighters- 4 – yellow, pink, orange, blue. These colors are required. Please get thinner ones so they fit
in your pencil pouch.
◻ One spiral bound notebook ~ 70 pages no dividers for science (returning students may use theirs from
last year if there is room) please no glue-bound
◻ One backpack for school
◻ One – 200/250 page spiral notebook with dividers for Humanities journal (returning students may use
theirs from last year if there is room)
◻ Hand held pencil sharpener with shaving collector
◻ Spiral Bound Quad ruled notebook ~ 80/100 pages (Five Star is recommended; please no glue-bound or easy tear-out — for 6/7 math)
◻ Loose leaf quad paper – for 8th math
◻ 1 inch 3-ring binder – for 8th math
◻ compass and protractor – for 8th math
The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis
Crossing the Wire by Will Hobbs
A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park

Please set your binder up in the following way BEFORE AUGUST 28. Bring your binder on August 28.

In the pencil pouch: pencils, pens, 4 highlighters, calculator, pencil sharpener, one whiteboard marker, scissors

In your binder:
pencil pouch
Dividers: 1 for each class: Humanities, Science, Math, IS, Elective or Band
Lined paper in each section in the back of the binder

FOR FIELD WORK: (On site visit days, students are expected to wear long pants and be prepared with required materials. Requirements are given the day before the site visit.)
We will do a gear exchange at packet pick up in August. Bring your gear to trade then if you have grown out of it.

The following are required items:
◻ leather gloves or leather palmed gloves
◻ rain gear: both pants and jacket
◻ rain proof boots
◻ reusable lunch box
◻ shoes appropriate for hiking – preferably waterproof
◻ reusable water bottle
◻ clipboard
◻ hand sanitizer
◻ warm hat and gloves

● some students find it useful to use a separate backpack for site visits
◻ 6th graders bring – 1 pack of 3 glue sticks
◻ 7th graders bring – 1 box of tissues
◻ 8th graders bring – 1 pack of note cards